A walk by the ocean (part 1/3)

Gina Sarro Artistic Thoughts

The Oxford Dictionary defines inspiration as: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

As a landscape artist, my physical surroundings, the environment where I live, grow, and experience life is my inspiration.  My visual observations are the primary inspirations for my paintings, but the intangible is making a stronger presence and is changing the direction of my work.

A painting is a physical object – it consists of a support (a canvas, wooden panel, or piece of paper), and paint. The combination of these two simple items, allow the inspiration of any artist to find a place to exist. But what inspires an artist to apply the paint? How can it be possible that these two simple items create paintings that speak to us all in individual ways, bring out different emotions and even heal us? The physical must intertwine with the emotional.

Tree and distant freighter at Jericho Beach, Vancouver BC CANADA

Jericho Beach, Vancouver BC – Oct. 2013