“The intention is to paint unintentionally.”Gina Sarro

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“To say that a work is abstract is to say only that it does not represent and is not even representational, so ‘Abstract’ is often combined with another term that indicates a primary function or feature of a work, as for example in ‘Abstract Expressionist’. Other combinations may be contemplated, such as ‘abstract allusionist’. ‘Abstract representational’ would, of course, be self-cancelling, and, strictly, so would ‘abstract portrait’ and ‘abstract landscape’. These latter terms, however, can be regarded as indicating that representation, though not altogether absent from the work, is subordinated to other symbolic functions such as exemplification, expression or allusion.”

West Coast


The paintings in this portfolio show considerable editing of the landscape – only a fragment of the landscape remains.

Vertical Horizons

A vertical element is a hallmark feature in these paintings, and brings structure and strength, balancing the strong horizontal elements.


Sometimes my reflections of landscape elements show more figuratively in my work – a specific destination or “origin” is embedded.

“My work is very process driven. Although there is a clear intent from the outset with developing the composition, painting studies, and color palette decisions, the approach is quite spontaneous. I paint and then un-paint; scratch to remove; analyze and act again. It is a repetitive sequence and the painting is complete when I find equilibrium; a balance in vertical and horizontal elements. There is a strong juxtaposition in my work; a calm tension; simple complexity; calculated spontaneity; familiar and unfamiliar; dramatic quietness.”


Papyrus is my portfolio of paintings on paper, and some are pastel on paper. Many are simply small studies that have inspired some of my larger works, but I love how they look when framed and displayed in a group together.