#MyInspirationGS Winners

Gina Sarro Donations

My Inspiration Contest for Vancouver General Hospital has 2 Winners!

In November 2013, I launched an inspiration contest asking my community to help me in creating a painting that I would be donating to the VGH Gifts of Art program.   The contest closed Dec. 7, 2013 after I received 20 entries!

The painting titled “Islands of Inspiration” has been installed in the Jim Pattison Pavilion on the exterior wall of the Dialysis area, a procedure which has been generously supported by the Aquilini family. The painting brightens an area that is visible to most patients as they leave their treatment, and to anyone who enters or exits VGH from the Laurel street entrance. After talking with Jim O’Hara – Vice President, Leadership Giving, and upon review of the submissions from my community, the idea for this painting was quickly determined. Jim spoke of the feelings of many of the patients who undergo dialysis treatment, and how they feel parched and crave water following their treatments.  I received submissions from two participants that spoke to this feeling of a need for water, and their submissions immediately inspired a painting of our beautiful westcoast! The 13′ painting recalls images and is reminiscent of our experience when traveling to the island, or in and around the West Coast of British Columbia.

It is my hope that this painting, which my community helped to inspire, will continue to give back to all those who experience it, by making a connection that reminds them of a peaceful memorable moment while they were enjoying our beautiful British Columbia landscape.

I am pleased to announce that I have presented Wanda Schalm, and Denise Flood with a reproduction of “Islands of Inspiration” to thank them for their contribution towards the creation of this painting.



Denise Flood



Wanda Schalm