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Intervals of Time – Press Release

Wednesday Oct. 11, 2017
5:30 – 9pm

Thursday Oct.12, 11am-9pm
Friday Oct.13, 11am-9:pm

An Art Gallery
1063 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC

intervals 1 - abstract landscape painting by Vancouver Artist Gina Sarro
“The emotion of beauty is always obscured by the appearance of the object therefore the object must be eliminated from the picture.”

In her latest exhibition Intervals of Time, Gina Sarro invites us into her meditations on environment, time, and the internal experience.

Sarro’s literal subject is her surroundings. Her acrylic landscapes on panel reflect her journey through homes in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and finally British Columbia. Through her distinct technique, Canadian skies, mountains, lakes and fields evoke both flatness and depth. She uses brush and knife partly to diminish, and partly to layer the paint itself, balancing strong compositional horizontals with rhythmic vertical gestures. Her subdued colours suit the calm stillness of her process, but only to the extent of their disruption by vibrant insertions of geometric lines. This creates a visual conversation that speaks to the deeper intervals of time and experience Sarro is drawing on:

“It’s just me, the paint and canvas; a quiet and intimate interaction allowing me to be true to the act of painting. The intention is to paint unintentionally”

Sarro is looking closely at her own internal landscape, sourcing its connection to our shared human spirit. She seeks the same outside herself as within, layering her attention in pass after pass over each subject. This layering depicts and then reduces, simplifying and even erasing elements towards their essence. There is abandon in Sarro’s willingness to obscure the original visual inspiration, though ultimately she arrives at a mid-point between her outer and inner environment, revealing her care for both. Her paintings give us pause. A moment with both the world and our inner selves; to visit an artist’s journey of refined seeing into both.

For further information or high resolution images:Please contact Gina Sarro at gina@ginasarro.com or 604-773-1360.
Private viewings of the exhibition are available upon request.
Above image: Intervals 1, 36” x 60” x 1.5”, Acrylic on wood panel, 2017

Clicking on a painting enlarges it in a light box allowing you to see more details and inquire about the painting. You can also play a slideshow of the images, and even share them on your favorite social media platform.


Event Location
THE SPACE An Art Gallery in Vancouver

An Art Gallery
1063 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC

THE SPACE Vancouver Art Gallery Grand Opening September 14, 2017
THE SPACE Vancouver Art Gallery Grand Opening September 14, 2017

THE SPACE grand opening September 14, 2017

Greater Vancouver Home Builder’s Association

Gina Sarro Events


At the end of June, my work was featured in the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association (GVHBA) Parade of Homes event. The newly built home is located in West Point Grey, Vancouver.

I’ve known the homeowners Scott and Tracey for a few years, and having seen the footer in my emails, they had visited my website and viewed my work on social media. Scott and Tracey had the idea that The Parade of Homes was the perfect opportunity for them to see my work in their home! After walking through their space, we keyed in on the important site lines and talked about the scale, including size and orientation of the paintings that we thought would work for each room/area. We decided that there were seven potential spaces for art. Back in my studio, I chose a combination of my more representational work along with my abstract work to mix up the visual interest, keeping it fresh in each room while bringing a coherency and flow to the space.

When choosing art for a space, many factors come into play. The first priority is to ensure that the piece speaks to the homeowners. If there is no connection between the piece of art and the ones experiencing it every day, then there really is no point. It is essential to ensure the scale of the work is right for each wall and for each space. There has to be an overall balance in terms of size and weight of each piece. Scale is key to ensuring that there is a positive flow to the space. The color and subject of each painting has to work for each room/area of the home. Each piece of art has to complement the finishes, while also taking into account what the room is used for. For example, I recommended paintings that were less saturated in color and ‘dreamy’ or ‘calming’ for the bedroom, and paintings that have a more saturated palette, and were painted allowing texture and movement to dominate, for the great room area, complimenting the high energy space where all the everyday activities take place.

My challenge for Scott and Tracey’s home was to ensure that each room could stand on its own while also allowing my art to offer a sense of continuity to the entire space. The homeowners, homebuilder and I were very pleased with the overall result, and we had a lot of positive feedback at the GVHBA Parade of Homes on the weekend of the open house. After the event, the homeowners asked if they could keep my work for a few weeks, as they had a family gathering planned and wanted to keep the art up. It was wonderful to know that my paintings were really adding to their space and that they seemed to be making a connection with them. The few extra weeks turned into a decision by Scott and Tracey to purchase the collection of paintings! I am so very grateful to Tracey and Scott for their love and support of my work.







Art Auction to support Art Therapy

Gina Sarro Events

Thank you to Erica & Chris Mitchell for being the successful bidders on my painting “New Beginnings” at the Allure & Prestige Art Auction hosted by Sherri Cheung. Together we made a wonderful contribution to “Heal our Lives” Art Therapy! Thank you also to Paul Becker for his engaging expertise as auctioneer!
Allure & Prestige Art Auction

The Art of Giving

Gina Sarro Donations

Thank you to UBC & VGH Hospital Foundation for featuring me in their January 2016 “Impact” Newsletter!

UBC&VGH Impact Newsletter Jan 2016

UBC&VGH Impact Newsletter Jan 2016


I think a lot of us take our health for granted. But when we don’t have it, or a loved one is sick, we come to know very quickly how important our hospitals are, and appreciate how integral they are to our community. The beauty of life becomes very clear when someone we love is sick, injured or faced with a terminal illness, and we suddenly realize that our health is the only thing that really matters; The getting better, the healing process is the priority. During these times, we need and depend on our hospital, and are counting on the doctors, staff, equipment and the whole facility to do whatever it can to help us or our loved one heal.

I believe it is important for us to support and give back to our hospitals in any way we can, to support this coordinated effort. I am so thankful that VGH has a Gift of Art program, giving artists an opportunity to make a difference and help someone heal. Art can help heal in many different ways:

Lifting the spirits of doctors or staff members as they enter or exit the hospital after a long day of helping people.

It reminds a patient of, or gives them the opportunity to reflect on, a happier moment, and allows them to go to a peaceful place for a few moments. Maybe that feeling stays with them throughout the day or even throughout their stay in the hospital.

It gives a patient a chance for hope, and changes their outlook on their situation.

It may bring a peaceful feeling to a grieving loved one, and change their emotional state.

It could initiate and facilitate a conversation between two people that are grieving together, or between 2 people who have never met; Both are feeling the sadness of a sick loved one, and the painting offers a calm retrieve. Art can bring people together.

Art can indeed help others through a difficult time by helping them heal, and continues to give back to those who experience it. The Gift of Arts program allows me as an artist to give back to my community and to maybe somehow make a difference – I love that!

In the spirit of giving

Gina Sarro Events

Mimi Lapointe and Philippe DeSerres

Mimi Lapointe and Philippe DeSerres

The Black & White Charity Art Auction held last night was a huge success! Hosted by Annie Frind of the Art Affair, the festive night at the Vancouver Club in downtown Vancouver, was a sell-out event! One piece of art from each of 15 featured artists was auctioned off live by Paul Becker of Erik Becker Art.

I am so very grateful to Philippe DeSerres from DeSerres.ca , and Mimi Lapointe for being the successful bidders on my painting! Together we made an amazing donation to the Salvation Army Christmas Food Hamper!

Charity Art Auction

Gina Sarro Donations

Invite Black and White

Event: Black & White Charity Art Auction – featuring the art of Salvador Dali & 15 amazing Vancouver Artists
November 19, 2015
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Location: The Vancouver Club Ballroom – 915 W Hastings Street, Vancouver
Live Art Auction: 7:30 pm

I’m excited to be one of 15 artists featured at the annual Black & White Charity Art Auction! There will be an auction of original art and the exhibition of several works available for collectors. This is a great opportunity to add to your collection, as the art will be at an exceptional value, with a large portion of sales donated to a great cause.

Proceeds from the event will go directly to the Salvation Army Christmas Food Hamper. Through The Salvation Army Vancouver Community & Family Services, we can help create a special Christmas for a Vancouver family in need, by raising funds for a hamper complete with a full turkey dinner, as well as gifts for the parents and kids, arriving right to their doorstep!

Headliner: Salvador Dali! Yes, that is correct, thanks to Chali-Rosso Gallery we are extremely fortunate to be exhibiting authentic, museum quality, hand-signed Salvador Dali art, including a rare and highly-collectible bronze statue of the iconic melting clock! If you are a Dali fan, you will certainly be impressed.

Entertainment: Includes a live jazz band, walking magician and other performers.

Attire: Black & White dress is strongly encouraged. Attire is not limited to formal wear, have fun dressing up!

Join our Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1766255520268414/

Due to the high demand for this event, we recommend that you purchase your tickets as soon as possible before the event sells out. All ticket sales go directly to the Salvation Army Christmas Food Hamper. Tickets are $40 at the door, or available online at an exclusive 2 for 1 value! Click here to grab your tickets now: https://www.picatic.com/event14453817735231648

#MyInspirationGS Winners

Gina Sarro Donations

My Inspiration Contest for Vancouver General Hospital has 2 Winners!

In November 2013, I launched an inspiration contest asking my community to help me in creating a painting that I would be donating to the VGH Gifts of Art program.   The contest closed Dec. 7, 2013 after I received 20 entries!

The painting titled “Islands of Inspiration” has been installed in the Jim Pattison Pavilion on the exterior wall of the Dialysis area, a procedure which has been generously supported by the Aquilini family. The painting brightens an area that is visible to most patients as they leave their treatment, and to anyone who enters or exits VGH from the Laurel street entrance. After talking with Jim O’Hara – Vice President, Leadership Giving, and upon review of the submissions from my community, the idea for this painting was quickly determined. Jim spoke of the feelings of many of the patients who undergo dialysis treatment, and how they feel parched and crave water following their treatments.  I received submissions from two participants that spoke to this feeling of a need for water, and their submissions immediately inspired a painting of our beautiful westcoast! The 13′ painting recalls images and is reminiscent of our experience when traveling to the island, or in and around the West Coast of British Columbia.

It is my hope that this painting, which my community helped to inspire, will continue to give back to all those who experience it, by making a connection that reminds them of a peaceful memorable moment while they were enjoying our beautiful British Columbia landscape.

I am pleased to announce that I have presented Wanda Schalm, and Denise Flood with a reproduction of “Islands of Inspiration” to thank them for their contribution towards the creation of this painting.



Denise Flood



Wanda Schalm



#MyInspirationGS – Thank you for your “inspiration”!

Gina Sarro Donations

I want to thank all of you who took part and offered your inspiration for the painting I will donate to the Vancouver General Hospital. I also want to say a special thanks to VCH News for helping to promote community involvement.

I am happy to share with you some of the 20 inspirational submissions I received.  They range from photographs of nature, children, other paintings to needlepoint and inpirational words.

I now have the pleasure of enjoying all of your wonderful inspirations, and will begin drawing upon them to create the painting that I will be donating. Stay tuned!

Thanks again, and all the best for the holiday season!


P.S. Click on a thumbnail to see the full image and who it was submitted by.

#MyInspirationGS Contest – How to Post

Gina Sarro Donations

Technology can be confusing, but don’t get discouraged!

I want everyone to be able to help me create a beautiful painting to donate to Vancouver General Hospital so here are instructions on how to post:

1. Log-in to your Facebook profile
2. On the top of the home/newsfeed page, click ‘Add Photos/Videos’
3. Select desired inspirational photo
4. In the comments section, write “#MyInspirationGS”
(don’t forget this step! this is how we will know you posted!)
5. Click ‘Post’
6. Done!

1. Log-in to your Twitter profile
2. On the left-hand side, click on ‘Compose New Tweet’
3. In the comments section, write “#MyInspirationGS”
(don’t forget this step! this is how we will know you posted!)
4. Click the camera icon and select desired inspirational photo
5. Click ‘Tweet’
6. Done!

1. Log-in to your Instagram profile on your smartphone
2. Click the camera icon at the bottom of the screen
3. Take a photo OR select desired photo from your existing camera roll
4. Crop photo as desired
5. Apply filter, if desired, and click ‘Next’
6. Write “#MyInspirationGS” in the description
(don’t forget this step! this is how we will know you posted!)
7. Click ‘Post’
8. Done!

If you still feel confused but would like to post, don’t hesitate to email me for assistance gina@ginasarro.com. Thank you for all of your support. I can’t wait to see what we come up with for this donation!

#MyInspirationGS Contest – Vancouver General Hospital Painting Donation

Gina Sarro Donations

The gift of a painting to an individual or organization is something that keeps on giving to all individuals who see it and experience it. I feel it is important to give back to my community and support togetherness – which as a Vancouver artist, I am able to do through donations. Past donations include BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, and schools in my neighbourhood.

This December, I will be donating a painting to the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation, and I am enlisting the help of my community.

I would like to know… what inspires you?

In many posts I talk about the things that influence my daily life and art. Inspiration can come from a variety of sources, including nature, environments, interactions and relationships, or even the mundane. These experiences are combined and guide my paintings. With the holiday season approaching, and community togetherness in mind, I want to involve others in this VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation donation by using YOUR inspirations!

Post a photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram of what inspires YOU and include the hashtag #MyInspirationGS. On December 7th one photo will be chosen as inspiration for the donation painting and one lucky contributor will win a framed, signed print of the donated VGH painting!

Gina Sarro Campaign Photo - its never too late

To learn how to submit your inspirational photos, please click the link below:

A walk by the ocean (Part 3/3)

Gina Sarro Artistic Thoughts

I run back to my studio and download the many photos of my walk. I edit them, print them, and tape one up beside me on my easel. Sometimes I paint from this beautiful photo, and sometimes I paint from it many times. It is intoxicatingly inspiring. It seems however, that more and more, I study the photographs and then put them aside to be viewed again and again at a later date. It is the suggestive elements of the walk by the ocean that stick with me. The photograph does not get taped up. I sit at my easel with a blank canvas in front of me and download these mental stimulations, my memories. I let inspiration, intuition, experience and my love of process take form via my paintbrush onto the canvas.

“The emotion of beauty is always obscured by the appearance of the object. Therefore the object must be eliminated from the picture.”

Vertical Horizons canvas 2

Vertical Horizons canvas 2

A walk by the ocean (Part 2/3)

Gina Sarro Artistic Thoughts

I love to travel and experience nature, but the inspiration for many of my paintings comes from a walk by the ocean close to my home. I am blessed to live near the ocean, and each time I visit, I take photographs as if it were the first time I have ever seen it. The atmosphere, colors and light are different each time. The walk at the ocean inspires me because it fills up and replenishes my sensory banks. I can see sky, earth and water all visually interconnected with each other – to me when these 3 essential elements coexist, my paintings find balance; there is an endless spectrum of color, distance, texture, simple organic shapes, pattern, reflections, negative space, and objects such as leaves, birds, wood. Yes, the scenery is gorgeous, and a hundred paintings could be inspired with that alone, but there is more. I am inspired by what I see, but I am as equally inspired by what I don’t see. My mind collects and documents the nonvisible – the intangible. I want to paint what I don’t see – The air sometimes cool and fresh, sometimes warm and humid; the birds, chasing and chirping; the waves washing upon the shore with a calmness; the leaves gently falling; the rain perpendicular to my face (yes this is Vancouver); the simple passing of the landscape as I move in it and throughout it. My body is breathing and my soul is happy – I feel inner peace. I am mentally stimulated – I have a strong urge to be creative. When all is good, when the stresses (real and manufactured) of life are away, if only for a while, then there is inspiration – inspiration to paint.

Freighter in distance from Jericho Beach, Vancouver BC CANADA

Jericho Beach, Vancouver BC – Nov. 2013

A walk by the ocean (part 1/3)

Gina Sarro Artistic Thoughts

The Oxford Dictionary defines inspiration as: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

As a landscape artist, my physical surroundings, the environment where I live, grow, and experience life is my inspiration.  My visual observations are the primary inspirations for my paintings, but the intangible is making a stronger presence and is changing the direction of my work.

A painting is a physical object – it consists of a support (a canvas, wooden panel, or piece of paper), and paint. The combination of these two simple items, allow the inspiration of any artist to find a place to exist. But what inspires an artist to apply the paint? How can it be possible that these two simple items create paintings that speak to us all in individual ways, bring out different emotions and even heal us? The physical must intertwine with the emotional.

Tree and distant freighter at Jericho Beach, Vancouver BC CANADA

Jericho Beach, Vancouver BC – Oct. 2013